Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cabin Words

You all remember how it is............. there will be a rock glued to cardboard and it's passed around the table and everybody tells what they see in the rock. (Yes, we did that, too, this time.)

But we also came up with a 1-word list of "what epitomizes the cabin to you in one word??"

How about: cowabunga,  canteloupe,  lake,  lazy,  memories,  family,  boys,  girls,  reading, firepit,  towels,  logs,  canoe,  hamburgers,  pancakes,  peanuts,  rocks,  dock,  chairs,  splashing, laughter,  squirrels,  Scrabble...... and Doug added hurachies.

Here be we, from left to right:  Grady,  Evan,  John,  Benjamin,  Jane Esther, Jane Wynne, Timothy, Rylee, and Austin, all enjoying Timothy's birthday burger celebration lunch. 

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