Monday, October 5, 2015

Mom/Grandma Sleeping

Now they are both "sleeping" in their favorite place. 

That blue chair IS the one that's up there. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cabin Photos, Summer 2015

Jane Wynne Phillips, Timothy's wife, is a crack photographer, too, right along with him. Below is a link to her online photo gallery of pix that she took during our Phillips-Wood days together at the cabin in August.

This was her first time to visit the cabin but I think she was primed and filled full of stories and memories before they arrived. And she found the place wonderful, quaint and charming.

Jane Wynne Wong is first-generation Chinese born in Vancouver, BC. Her parents were born in China and immigrated (escaped) to Canada about 1962 and they still live in Vancouver. Jane's brother and sister and families still live there too. Jane works for the Department of Veterans' Affairs in Penticton and has about two years to retirement, not that she's counting.

Here she is slicing Timothy's birthday cake..... a Chocolate Ganache.... totally righteous and delicious and made with tofu!